Just over 4 weeks til Stitches West!

Four weeks of more sewing up bags for Stitches West. Remember I am in booth #1241!

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About Janice Serilla Art & Design

I have been an artist all my life. I use to mainly draw with graphite pencils and color pencils. In my 20’s, I use to be asked to draw my co-workers pets and children. Did quite a few over the years but then when I moved to Santa Cruz from the Detroit area back in 09, I started working with clay and began creating hand built pieces. Then from there starting to sew and be very crafty! Eventually I started Mackerilla Design back in 2001. I sold many of my Mackerilla brand fabric handbags here in Santa Cruz as well as all over the country. I now sell my handbag designs in sewing pattern form on many online retail sites as well as my own ETSY page. I always wanted to get back to being an artist again and stated, “I would paint when I got old.” Early last year in 2014, a friend of mine said to me “why wait?!” She was right! Why wait!! So I dug through my art supplies, found some old brushes and bought some acrylic paints. After my first few dog portraits of practicing on my pets, I was asked to paint a neighbors dog. Then after posting photos on my Facebook page Gimpy Pets, and my art page Janice Serilla Design I started to get people wanting me to paint their pets! So that is how it all started! I now switch between days of painting to days of sewing and designing. I still sell handbags under my brand Santa Cruz Bagworks. More selling online and at some local art and craft events. I love painting now and so glad I was pushed to start now instead of waiting! Having fun with it and can’t wait to buy a giant canvas to do something huge!!!
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