Posin for the paparazzi!

Well my bags are a posin!!! ;)

Been taking loads of photos of all my Santa Cruz Bagworks bags for a website that will be selling them! Yeay!!! I can’t say who just yet until they are up and running on their site. I am very excited about this opportunity!! :)

Here are some of the photos:

cover image without logo SCBW dk tote2 SCBW cruzers both colors front and back views SCBW duffle front view1

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About Janice Serilla Design

I am a soft goods designer with the brands: Mackerilla Brand Sewing Patterns- Sewing Patterns for the DIY crafters. Santa Cruz Bag Works- Totes, duffles, messenger bags and more. Gimpy Pets- Pet product designs, leashes, collars, toys, recovery collars, etc... I am also an artist and have been creating custom pet portraits for many clients. If interested please contact me at mackerilla@gmail.com
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2 Responses to Posin for the paparazzi!

  1. Colleen says:

    Right on!! You go girl :) Janice Serilla Design rocks! Congrats 💜💜🎇🎇

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Good for you! Congratulations! Oh, and LOVE the cat! Rex, right? I had a Devon Rex at one time. Loved that cat, but he was a monkey – always into stuff! LOL

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