Handbag Hannah!


I have made a silkscreen image that I made of my Handbag Hannah’s head. I am making my clothing label to screen onto my designs!

The head will be screened onto T-Shirts to sell on my ETSY page.

Cruzers and storage containers


3 weeks til Stitches West show! Yikes! I hope I have enough bags. I think I should have a fair amount of backpack Cruzers. Also making as many large storage containers. Knitters love them for their yarn stash!

Rescue a Senior Pet!


I adopted a senior pet from a woman in San Francisco who has an organization called Muttville. (www.muttville.org) Sherri Franklin rescues, find fosters and adopts out these older dogs that would otherwise be put down due to being old. Some dogs are healthy and some have lots of problems like the one I adopted. I adopted a (we are guessing 17 years old) male Papillon. He is blind, deaf, has minimal teeth, some internal disorders and walks pretty stiff and falls allot. So pretty much a train wreck! BUT….even after all that is wrong he is super happy! Loves to snuggle and cruise around the house and yes plays! He does a little Happy Dance. We just love him. He was abandoned and left to die. If it was not for Sherri’s organization, Dectective Tinkerton would have been put down. We have made him a Facebook page since everyone that works with Sherri just loved him and wants to know how he is doing. He has 85 Facebook friends so far!
Sherri has inspired me to put the word out to adopt a senior pet. I have already heard of a few people i know who did go out and adopt an older cat or dog! Sherri is a hard worker and so are her volunteer foster people. She lives in San Francisco and does this out of her home! A complete mad house full of dogs that you can tell are so thankful. I hope you can check out her website and learn more about her story! 🙂

Cool Shopping Website!


Check out this website for all your shopping needs. Has some really nice jewelry. Very nice .50 carat diamonds at great prices.

And if your going for the larger variety of Jewels, then I would suggest checking out the 1.5 carat diamond rings, platinum Jewelry. Or the 1.5 carat black diamond rings.

Everyone likes jewelry, so why buy elsewhere. Check the internet and checkout Become.com first!




Pet beds for doggies in need.

creative, Designer, sewing

Phyliss Pop of Arizona started making pet beds for animals in need in 2007. She has inspired other seamstresses to do the same. Including me!

She has been voted in the top 25 Pet People from Petside.com.

Check out her site


Just over 4 weeks til Stitches West!


Four weeks of more sewing up bags for Stitches West. Remember I am in booth #1241!

Cool Scrubs for all you fashionable medical people!


Wearing scrubs can be challenging if you don’t find the right style and fit. So if you are in the medical field of any sort, you need the right Hospitality Uniform and the right ones will make you feel good to be in them. Blue Sky Scrubs have some of the nicest Hospitality Uniforms out there.

Women want scrubs to fit well. They don’t want to be swimming in material and want a flattering fit. Fashion Seal Scrubs Sets are the right choice.

And men want to look good as well. They don’t want a scrub that will be unflattering and all wrinkled. Dickies Scrubs for Men offer a wrinkle resistant scrub that every man will want to wear!

So whether your Doctor, Nurse, Dental Hygienist or Veterinarian, Hospitality Uniforms are what you need to look the part in the medical profession!

Sew it up!


Today started to sew up 10″ x 10″ x 10″ containers for the knitting show!
I have a goal to make about 20. 7 done, 13 more to go! 🙂

Cutting and Sewing!


I try to schedule out my week with each day with a task.
Mondays are cutting days. I spend my day cutting out bags and getting them ready for sewing.
Tuesday and Wednesdays are for sewing. I try and sew up all the bags I had cut out on Monday. Sometimes I can make up to 10 a day depending on which bag style has been cut out. After 10 years of making my bags, I don’t need to follow a pattern and have an assembly line style of doing the work.
Thursdays are for computer design work. I spend the day working on my sewing pattern designs. I have 12 patterns and will be redoing the cover images for all of these and tweaking the instructions.
Friday! is my fun day! I play around with new ideas for bags or practice sewing clothing. I have bought a Singer Professional 5 serger/coverstitch machine. This thing is the bomb! A smooth running machine that can do it all. I am having fun with it. I will post my clothing items for sale on my second etsy page. http://www.etsy.com/shop/myfavoritefrock

Stitches West 2011 Coming up!


I finally got my booth assignment! I will be in Booth #1241 in the Santa Clara Convention Center for Stitches West 2011 Feb 17-20th