Stitches West 2011 done!

Home and relaxing on the couch!
Had a super fun time this year at the show. Met some very nice women and had some good laughs!

Was also very inspired and re-energized to come up with some very cool one of a kind bags. I need to get back to being the designer/artist that I am. Have been more of a seamstress these last years. Looking forward to working with the nice leather handles, and cool buttons I bought at the show.

And of course I will be getting back on the sewing patterns! Actually spending most of my time on them at first. Maybe i will just leave my Fridays open to fun artistic time. 😉

Thanks to all my wonderful repeat customers and to all the new ones that bought my bags for the first time. And to all friends that came to the show. 🙂


Published by Janice Serilla Art and Design

I have been artistic in one way or another all my life. Growing up in a creative family fueled my desire towards being an artist. I moved to Santa Cruz, CA from Detroit, MI in 2009, I needed a creative outlet and started volunteering at a local Clay Studio where I created many hand built ceramic vessels and fun sculptures. From there, I stumbled into sewing and started a handbag line under the name Mackerilla Design. After many years of sewing my bag designs, (which I currently still sell sewing patterns of my designs on ETSY and through a few online retailers) I wanted to get back to being an artist and started painting in 2014. Since I am passionate about animals and volunteer for rescues, painting dogs and cats in acrylic paint on canvas would be my subjects of choice! But I do love to paint all other living creatures as well as a few humans here and there! My approach is to capture the animal’s essence through the look in their eyes. To show their vulnerability and love for their humans. I truly love painting and have so many ideas continuously swirling in my head! I feel I am still learning and growing. I am looking forward to my future to see my progression as being an artist. -Janice Serilla

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