I am obsessed with Lululemon!


I love the workout clothes by Lululemon! I am patiently awaiting my Scuba Hoodie in a rich violicious color! Everything is made very well and wear well too!
Check out their site:

Got my Detective Tinkerton Fabric!

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Large Scale and super cool!!!

If you want to order this fabric. Go to my Spoonflower page. I will make one in smaller images with a differant background color.

If you want to order this go to: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/513084

Monday Blues……………..

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Wow today is one of those Mondays where I just can’t seem to get motivated to be creative. Been just computing and posting today. After a weekend of rain and working around the house, I need to get my artistic drive back! It will come back! I am sure of it!!

I have one more custom project to start up and then back to playing around with some mixing up fabrics to make some super cool one of a kind bags. Plus got to get on those sewing patterns! Need to keep plugging away on those. September is going to show up fast when the sewing expo’s are coming up!

Maxine Sewing Pattern now available in PDF!!!!

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Just uploaded the images and the Maxine Handbag sewing pattern is now for sale in a PDF format! Check it out!

It’s Friday People!!!


This week slipped by quickly! Did not get a many projects started or completed. I did work on and finish one of my Clients prototype designs. I can’t tell you about it since I am sworn to secrecy right now! I did get another sewing pattern completed and is now available on my ETSY page. The IPad Sleeve. SUPER EASY to sew up!!!!

Got Ink!????


Hey if you need ink for your printer, there is a site out there called Ink Grabber that has discount ink for every printer made so it seems!

I have an HP printer, so I am always needing some HP printer ink after printing out all my sewing patterns.

So if you need some discount printer ink, shop here!

Sustainable decorating touches

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Guest post written by Emma Hays

I just bought my own house and I’m so excited about it! I’ve saved up for it a while and finally found the perfect little place for me. I thought that the timing was just so great that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I’m completely going to redo the whole place. I’ve planned out every room perfectly and am pretty excited about all of it.

But I’ve really been on a green kick that I’m looking to make last for the rest of my life. So I’m trying to be really good about finding antiques or transforming pieces that I already have for the house rather than buying new stuff and contributing to more waste. I went online to get some sustainable decorating ideas and when I was doing that I ran across the website Get.WildBlue.com and read through it a little bit. After I did that I ordered a home internet package from the website.

I’m pretty excited about these sustainable picture frames that I’m putting together for my living room. I’m kind of just vamping up some picture frames I already had, but I think that they’re really going to add some personality to my space.

Another Fabric design, ELEPHANTS!!!!

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So there is a fabric design contest on Spoonflower for baby boy fabrics. I thought I would submit this one. I know it’s not a traditional “Baby Boy” fabric. Which is why I am submitting it. Not your typical baby bunnies and chickies or rattles and baby bottles!

This one is called “Eléphanteaux”

Designing Fabric

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I have been playing around in Illustrator and creating some fabric designs which are available on SPOONFLOWER.

These are new and are not up on the site for sale until I proof them. They are of my senior dog Detective Tinkerton!

what’s NEW?

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SO I started back on some IPAD cases. I had made very few in the past when I first got my IPAD. Now will be cutting some out to sell. Have one so far posted on my ETSY page for sale for $28.








Have also been having fun in Illustrator practicing on some Graphic Design. Got to get back into it! This is an illustration of my elderly dog Detective Tinkerton. You can buy this on a T shirt or other product on my Zazzle page!