Monster of a Sewing Machine

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While we were up in San Francisco this last weekend for a friends 40th Birthday, we did some shopping around the city. I love the store All Saints Spitalfields Clothing. They have the coolest decor of any shop I have been in. Tons of old sewing machines and huge spools that decorate the walls. All their fixtures were very industrial. used old presses for table bases. Cool old trunks with diamond plate for the tops.






They also had these HUGE old sewing machines.  I would love to have one! Just to look at. I would be afraid to use it. The needles have to be big as a pencil! 😉

One thought on “Monster of a Sewing Machine

  1. Old machines are great and most probably still work unlike the newer models that aren’t made nearly as well. My grandmother had an old Singer Sewing Machine that lasted for 50 years and she then handed it down to a grandchild and it still works today.

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