It’s never fun to lose a pet………

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With a heavy heart I have to post that my old Dog Detective Tinkerton passed away today. His short time with us was a joy as well as challenging at times. He had a funny chicken like bark and wobbled when he walked. He followed me all over the house when he could. Or would do his “patrols” about the house. Stop to bark and then move on. He was a special needs little guy with loads of personality and a zest to thrive. In the end it was not his heart or head that stopped him, but his lack of use of his legs possibly due to severe nerve issues or just gave out due to his age. He had a mass in his belly that was growing and that could have been the culprit as well. We will never know exactly since he was too old for surgery and was in our hospice care.

We adopted him November 23 2010 from a shelter in San Francisco called Muttville. They rescue senior pets, foster them out and re-home them to loving families. I have never experienced such dedication as these women. They do a fantastic thing for animals would have surely never gotten another chance due to their advanced age.

If you can, please donate to their cause. It’s a great one!


Detective Tinkerton you rule!!!!!!

One thought on “It’s never fun to lose a pet………

  1. Awwww. He was the grooviest of the groovy! He was so happy and blessed to be with you guys lo these last 4 + months. You gave him such a beautiful last hurrah here in Santa Cruz. Love.

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