Cuttin out baggies!!!!

After basically two weeks of not getting much work done! I finally got to cutting out orders! It’s been a rough few weeks with my doggie passing away (one week as of today 😦  )  and working on our bathroom remodel/fix up. Had the bathroom remodeled in fall of 2002 and they did a terrible job. All behind the scene stuff now poking its ugly head out. So we ripped out our shower and found allot of damage due to rain from a poorly installed window.  Plus many other “half assed” things! B-U-M-M-E-R!!!

Thank god we have capable contractors in our lives now! The one we hired way back when, not trustworthy for sure!!!! So word to the wise. Watch every move your contractors make! Especially if you don’t have any one you know that has used them in the passed.

Published by Janice Serilla Art and Design

I have been artistic in one way or another all my life. Growing up in a creative family fueled my desire towards being an artist. I moved to Santa Cruz, CA from Detroit, MI in 2009, I needed a creative outlet and started volunteering at a local Clay Studio where I created many hand built ceramic vessels and fun sculptures. From there, I stumbled into sewing and started a handbag line under the name Mackerilla Design. After many years of sewing my bag designs, (which I currently still sell sewing patterns of my designs on ETSY and through a few online retailers) I wanted to get back to being an artist and started painting in 2014. Since I am passionate about animals and volunteer for rescues, painting dogs and cats in acrylic paint on canvas would be my subjects of choice! But I do love to paint all other living creatures as well as a few humans here and there! My approach is to capture the animal’s essence through the look in their eyes. To show their vulnerability and love for their humans. I truly love painting and have so many ideas continuously swirling in my head! I feel I am still learning and growing. I am looking forward to my future to see my progression as being an artist. -Janice Serilla

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