Fanny-ish Pack?!

I get custom order requests often. Some simple basic stuff like recovering some cushions or recreating a favorite handbag. I got a request from the lovely ladies from Coastside Couture to make some Fanny-like packs for them to wear at their Wedding events that they are working. They need to carry everything from scissors, pins,Continue reading “Fanny-ish Pack?!”

The Golden Fleece!

New proud owner of The Golden Fleece is Gunilla Leavitt, perhaps better known as the Knitting Doctor in several different yarn stores across the Bay Area (most notably at Knitting Arts in Saratoga and Green Planet Yarn in Campbell). Is now selling my Mackerilla Brand bags! I just unloaded a big pile of them toContinue reading “The Golden Fleece!”

Style in the Medical Field

Wearing scrubs can be challenging if you don’t find the right style and fit. So if you are in the medical field of any sort, you need the right Hospitality Uniform and the right ones will make you feel good. Blue Sky scrubs have some really nice cheap scrubs . Blue Sky Scrubs have someContinue reading “Style in the Medical Field”

Stuff to put your business onto!

Have you ever needed some items to promote your business? I have had some cute pins created in the past. Which are great give aways at trade shows and any other events. I have found recently this company called that you can have a ton of items made with your business name or logo.Continue reading “Stuff to put your business onto!”

A foragers website!

This site has some great ideas for all you Foragers out there! From how to have your own Urban Chicken Coop to making a sweet Dandelion Syrup! Check it out! For all you James Durbin fans! We had fun yesterday being a part of the huge crowd that welcomed the American Idol home! Go James!Continue reading “A foragers website!”

Buy a T shirt- Save a dog in need!

If you go to my Zazzle page and buy any of my products, I will be donating all my proceeds to in San Francisco!!!! Help save a Senior dog in need. Muttville does great things!! You can also go to their website and donate a gift of money to help out if you don’tContinue reading “Buy a T shirt- Save a dog in need!”

Exciting Day!!!

Today I started my secret project designing a special item, which I can’t tell anyone about just yet. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..Will keep everyone posted!! And I am all set up to meet and pick up our new addition to our pet family. Candy the papillon will be joining us on Sunday!!! A small sweet 7 year oldContinue reading “Exciting Day!!!”