For the Chef in your life!

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My friend Debbie and I are working together to make some cool one of a kind Chef Knife Rolls. For all the Chef’s out there that travel with their knives. Or for anyone who needs something to put all their expensive knifes in to keep them safe.
We are using vintage and recycled items in our bags. So they are all going to be one of a kind. All available on my ETSY page. Ranging from $55 to $75

Check them out! AND………….. also check out Debbie’s cool silk screened and applique T Shirts! For adults and children! AND……………..    Vintage items!!!

How to make a cool tote that stores into it’s own pouch.

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There is a website called Sewmamasew and she has some cool sewing tutorials. There is one that you can make a bag with a zippered pocket at the bottom of the bag to store the tote in when you don’t use it. AND! Turns into a wallet! Pretty cool idea!
Check it out here! I think I am going to try and make one! 🙂

Sewing Pattern Review

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If you like to sew and buy allot of patterns, you should check out this website where people review all sorts of sewing patterns.

If you have sewn any of my bags please feel free to write up a review on their site about mine. 🙂

Ahhhhhh Friday!!!

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And such a nice Friday it tis!!

The California weather is finally here! What a weird Winter and Spring we have had!

Working on Cushion covers for an old camper for a friend. Then back to my sewing patterns and other projects.

I do want to start some fun unique handbags soon. I have a bunch of really nice leather handles and I am ready to make something with using them.  I will post when done!

Also please send all your friends and family that are pet lovers to my Zazzle page! Got to make some sales so I can donate my proceeds to Muttville!!!

Candy Baby!

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Here is a cartoon of my newly adopted senior Papillon named Candy.

I added this image to my Zazzle page to order on a T Shirt. All proceeds go to Senior Animal Rescue.

If you are interested in adopting a rescue Papillon. Go to A fantastic organization. Or go to Muttville to adopt a Senior pet of all breeds.



Monday’s are my planning and organizing day after finishing up projects from the prior week. Plus got my Project Bag Sewing Pattern updated and files are ready to PDF out for order!
Now working on a logo design for another business endeavor I am involved in. 🙂

Just something I whipped up!

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I had ordered a yard of the fabric I designed which I have for sale on my SPOONFLOWER page. I reduced the elephants a wee bit since I thought they were a bit too large for clothing. So if your interested, you can order any of my fabrics I have on Spoonflower under Mackerilla!

Fabric: baby elephant creme-n-coffee