Making new bags for my sewing pattern covers!

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I just cut out the Project Bag and the Indie Shopper in some of the fabrics I have designed. These fabrics are available on my Spoonflower page!
I hope to get them done and photographed next week! I will post them when they are done!



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I need a good source for some good quality solid fleece for my Gimpy pet toys!!!
Everywhere I check there’s allot of the printed fleece available!
If you know of a good source for stuff that would be complementary to the stuff they make Ugly Dolls out of!!!!

I had allot of faux fur and made a few big samples! Super cute!!!!


Started another blog site

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I started another blog site called

I have two handicapped pets and have had special needs pets in the past that have gone over to the otherside on the Rainbow Bridge. I want to design and make products to aid pets with special needs as well as to educate people that handicapped pets should not be looked over. I want to make cute pet toys as well. All with promoting they should consider a handicapped pet when adopting s pet.

The site is not done but I do want to start to get subscribers!
Please check it out and subscribe to it if your a pet lover like me!



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Working on some totes that are for a Mobile Boutique called “Abby Jayne” by Lisa Eissmann.

She will be marketing these to girls that are in Ballet Classes. They always can use a tote to carry their Ballet shoes in right?!!


  • She will do Open Houses in her home
  • Private Boutique Parties in your home
  • Personal one-on-one shopping appointments

All with a fun and relaxed shopping experience!!!

A touch of STYLE for WOMEN, A hint of SWEETNESS for GIRLS!!!

You can contact Lisa at 831 247-55345


Follow up on my cat Harper.


It’s been two weeks since he had his rear left leg amputated due to a Vaccine Related Sarcoma. Harper is up and about! Pretty much back to his normal self. He had his stitches removed yesterday which has also uplifted his spirits. I am sure they were uncomfortable.
We for sure had our ups and downs these past few weeks. It was a rough first few days and nights. He was on heavy pain killers which turned him into mush as well as making him grumpy.

Now we just hope the cancer does not return elsewhere on his body. I hope and pray for the best. He is constantly being showered with kisses and love by us!

Thank you to all that were concerned about Harper. He is loved by many! 🙂

Facebook has a support group called
Kobi’s fund
And Yahoo groups has a VAS Kitty support group too. You can search groups to find it.

Interesting magazine I just read

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Have you ever heard of the magazine called “Mary Jane’s Farm” ? Me neither!!!! My friend brought it over the other day to show me some sewing ideas in it.

It’s a cool organic lifestyle magazine that has articles on how to make interesting dishes to eat, how to guide on crafty ideas and home and garden help.

I liked the article in the volume 10 #5 edition on recycling a vintage wool coat into a cute little heirloom teddy bear! AND it also gives you a link to a website to be able to donate your creations to children in homeless shelters, hospitals and to paramedics who keep them on hand and give them children in need of emergency comfort! Excellent idea!

Here is the site if you are crafty and want to donate handmade dolls and stuffed animals.

Check it out!


New sewing patten in the works!

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Just finished up drafting up the Fanny like bag sewing pattern! After spending these last few days moving our computer to another room and cleaning out my sewing room, I decided to enjoy the sun and start writing up this pattern. Now to make a sample for the cover and start the pattern!

Vaccine Associated Sarcoma in Felines

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So my sweet cat Harper is having his left rear leg amputated right now due to having a Vaccine Associated Sarcoma from getting a Feline leukemia shot.  😦

It seems to be more common of a thing than not. The vet that is doing this surgery had just done one for another woman. Her cat’s tumor grew within 4 weeks of its injection. My cat had the shot 3 years ago. So slow growing but when it showed up on his leg, it started to balloon up fast. We had it removed and then found out it was the most aggressive type of cancer. So I did not want to wait to long for it to come back and possibly spread throughout his body. He has an 80% survival rate if we remove his leg. If we did not he would probably die with in a year.

Cat’s that have had their leg removed due to this are called “VAS” kitties or “Tripods”! Vets give shots in the leg or tail now so if they do develop cancer, they can remove the leg or tail and the cat will live a full life.

Cat’s do well on three legs. They adjust to it and don’t think about it like us humans. They don’t have an attachment (so to speak! 😉 ) to their limbs like us humans.

So if your cat is an indoor cat, I would recommend you not getting the Feline Leukemia shot! All shots can cause cancer, but this one usually is the first one to suspect.

I LOVE my Harper! I hope he will be fine and live a long happy life. I know my dog Finn would be crushed without his special buddy…………………………