Follow up on my cat Harper.


It’s been two weeks since he had his rear left leg amputated due to a Vaccine Related Sarcoma. Harper is up and about! Pretty much back to his normal self. He had his stitches removed yesterday which has also uplifted his spirits. I am sure they were uncomfortable.
We for sure had our ups and downs these past few weeks. It was a rough first few days and nights. He was on heavy pain killers which turned him into mush as well as making him grumpy.

Now we just hope the cancer does not return elsewhere on his body. I hope and pray for the best. He is constantly being showered with kisses and love by us!

Thank you to all that were concerned about Harper. He is loved by many! 🙂

Facebook has a support group called
Kobi’s fund
And Yahoo groups has a VAS Kitty support group too. You can search groups to find it.


One thought on “Follow up on my cat Harper.

  1. Harper is amazing! I truly admire him. I’m glad he is up and about – and in only two weeks! Thank you for the update. Hugs to Harper!

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