Team in Training is having a fund raiser in Santa Cruz on Sept 18th in downtown Santa Cruz at the Pono Hawaiian Grill at Cypress Lounge, 120 Union St., Santa Cruz, 426-PONO. I am donating a Mackerilla Wristlet bag and one of my pet rescue designs on a Women’s T shirt. There will be allotContinue reading “Fundraiser!”

Time to promote my Zazzle page again!!!

I have been designing up some animal rescue shirts as well as some cute dog graphics that I created of my sweet pets. Need to get one of my Tripod Kitty and the head shot of my Finnie boy! I market and sell them on my Zazzle page. I give 100% of my proceeds toContinue reading “Time to promote my Zazzle page again!!!”

Project Bag in Rozzelberry Fabric!

I just finished this Project bag sample for my Sewing Pattern cover. Now that I have this one done and my Indie Shopper bag sample completed. It’s time to have them professionally photographed by my sister Janet Allinger. She is a graphic designer who actually created the cat head on this fabric. It’s her DevonContinue reading “Project Bag in Rozzelberry Fabric!”

Sunday fun Day! Make a stuffed animal!

There are allot of free patterns out there for making stuffed animals. I found this website that has a bunch of free ones to choose from. < Make one and post it on my Facebook page for Mackerilla Brand Handbags! :)/p>

Make a Tink Tote!

This is my Indie Shopper tote bag in the fabric I designed of my dog Detective Tinkerton! One yard of either heavy weight cotton canvas or the linen canvas of this Spoonflower fabric  is all you need for the exterior material. Then just 3/4 yard of what ever you would like for the inside. IContinue reading “Make a Tink Tote!”

Nice and easy summer top to make!

I thought I would share this link to a blogger that has this cute summer top to make out of a new or old men’s T shirt! I think I might try and make one!!! 🙂 Check it out!!

Sewing up bags for School!

School is going to start soon so why not make your student a bag for school! My Cruzers are great backpacks as well as my Mack Messenger bag.  My totes are always great to for lunch items or for gym shoes, ballet slippers, etc……………. SO ladies, get out your sewing machines and pick a sewingContinue reading “Sewing up bags for School!”