Selling more than sewing patterns!!!

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I have updated my ETSY page to include my dog leash designs for my product line for pets under “Gimpy Pets“. Which I will have available very soon. I ordered my first production run!! Yeah!!!!! I created a cartoon of my old doggie that I adopted named Detective Tinkerton who is my mascot for Gimpy Pets. He has gone over to the rainbow bridge. He had a great but short life with us. We loved him dearly. If your not familiar with his story you can read it here! He was my inspiration for this new adventure in my work life.

Don’t worry Mackerilla is still here and I will still be selling sewing patterns and bags!

I designed up a disabled pet leash which comes in 3 colors. Pink Lemonade, Blueberry crush and Luscious Lime.

They are 6 foot long leashes with my text and image sublimated on both sides of the webbing. It’s a 3/4″ webbing with nice nickel hardware. $1 of every Gimpy Pet product sold goes to local shelters and rescues. I am starting a fund for animals in need too!

I have 3 disabled pets. Two dogs and one cat.

My dog Oonagh has one eye. She was rescued by Paphaven from a breeder that basically had her for pumping out puppies 😦    She was covered with fleas and parasites inside and out. She had allot of scabs on her belly from who knows what. We don’t know what happened to her eye but she seems fine with it. No pain or problems. It’s just done gone!

She is a wonderful little gal! We love her very much and she a lucky girl to have found us as much as we are lucky to have found her! (we spoil our pets rotten!)

Here she is demonstrating the proper way of sitting in a garden pot!

Our other disabled dog is Candy! She is another Paphaven rescue. She was in a few homes, then dumped in the streets to die. She was found very ill and Paphaven sent her to one of their fosters who cared for her and brought her back to good health. She has a damaged front leg from an old injury (which we think was from abuse 😦  ) that was never properly taken care of. She gets around just fine. She does have some aggression and fear issues. We are working through those and she is leaps and bounds better. We do have allot of work still ahead of us with her. She is a very sweet little doll! I am glad she is with us. She loves her family very much! You can certainly tell that!

Here’s Candy running and playing!

Then there is Harper the cat. He was found a stray. He was also very ill when they found him and had to be in intensive care for awhile. We adopted him from the Watsonville shelter. We have had him for 4 years now. He was a victim of VAS recently. Cancer caused by a vaccine. You can read about his story here . He had his back leg amputated. We hope that the cancer is gone. Time will tell. He is a super snuggler! Everyone loves him. I think he is the best cat in the world!!! 🙂

Harper a few weeks after his surgery

Please tell everyone about my leashes! Especially if they have a disabled pet. And please “Like” my Gimpy Pets on Facebook. Or become a subscriber to my blog/site!!!

Big Quilter’s Sewing Table for SALE!

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I have this nice and big table for sale. Very solid and sturdy. I need to sell it because it’s just too big for my sewing room. Was great in my big studio space that I was renting years ago but now just cramping my style in my wee little room. Selling for $800

Please pass this info to all you know. I really want to get a move on and make a nice sewing room with lots of shelves and storage.  And get an appropriate sized table for my room!

This table would be good for a arts and crafts shop, class room, sewing store, etc………..

Dimensions are:
36″ tall x 72″ Long and 48″ wide with two flaps that extend on each side another 18″. SO a total of 84″
Flaps are secured with 2 heavy duty piano hinges.
Has a large storage drawer. Underneath has a full shelf for storage for bolts of fabrics, etc………….
Feet are on locking caster wheels.

Fixin Stuff!

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20110921-121541.jpgSo I did it! I tore up the old chaise lounge after my cat Harper had tore the living shite out of it and recovered it up with this lovely beige and green upholstery fabric. Both fabrics were donated to me by friends! I am still working on the back pillow and will make a cover for the seat area that can be removed or washed. I am SURE my cat will do his number on this one as well!!! I guess it’s good that I can recover it again if needed. Plus he needs the one sacrificial piece of furniture in the house to destroy instead of all of our living room furniture!!

So if you have a chair or lounge to recover….. don’t be afraid to tackle it. It’s like a puzzle. Just remember the steps you took to remove all the old stuff. Use those pieces as your template for the new fabric. and cut. Then staple like you have never stapled before!!! 😉

Purse Parts

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I keep getting asked about where to buy purse parts for bag making. It’s funny that allot of the sewing shops don’t carry more of these items. Purse making is a big deal!

I use these guys: . They sell in bulk though. But at least you will have a ton of parts for future projects. You can find them on EBay as well.

I have used other companies in the past but these guys have the biggest and the best selection I have found so far.

Some people on ETSY sell parts too. You can search that out.

The only thing with buying from is that their shipping charges are high. Stuff coming from Hong kong.  So I usually buy allot to make up for the expensive shipping.


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This is my sisters cat Rozwell. She looks like an alien hence the name! She is the cartoon image on this fabric. My sister Janet Allinger’s graphic of her. I used it to make a fabric (with her permission of course!). This color Rozzelberry and a lime fabric are the two to choose from on my Spoonflower account for purchase!

I have updated the Project bag sewing pattern cover with this image!

New Bag samples in my fabric designs!

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While photographing a few bags in fabrics I had designed, Finn and Una felt like they needed to get involved! Both of these fabrics and a few other designs are available on my Spoonflower page (links are below). I used the linen canvas blend.

Finn inspecting my Project bag Style in my fabric Rozzelberry

Una doing what she does best! Fabric is called Detective Tinkerton

Sewing Patterns


It’s been awhile since I worked on my sewing patterns! Been so busy with other work. Got an order from a store in Australia to kick start me back into it! Been working on new cover designs and new product photos. I hope to have all the updated patterns done by winter and ready to unveil the new styles too!!

Cool things from Lark Crafts

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I like Lark Crafts Friday Free Project! I know I have posted other fun things to make from them before. I like this cute pin cushion project!

A fun and easy thing to make. Christmas is coming and this would be an easy gift to give. Make them as tree ornaments!!!