Fixin Stuff!

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20110921-121541.jpgSo I did it! I tore up the old chaise lounge after my cat Harper had tore the living shite out of it and recovered it up with this lovely beige and green upholstery fabric. Both fabrics were donated to me by friends! I am still working on the back pillow and will make a cover for the seat area that can be removed or washed. I am SURE my cat will do his number on this one as well!!! I guess it’s good that I can recover it again if needed. Plus he needs the one sacrificial piece of furniture in the house to destroy instead of all of our living room furniture!!

So if you have a chair or lounge to recover….. don’t be afraid to tackle it. It’s like a puzzle. Just remember the steps you took to remove all the old stuff. Use those pieces as your template for the new fabric. and cut. Then staple like you have never stapled before!!! 😉


2 thoughts on “Fixin Stuff!

    1. Yes the stripy green for the base and pillow. The other fabric is from my friend Jason. I am happy how it came out!

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