My other ETSY page……………..

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Many of you know that I have another ETSY page for my screen printed T-shirts. I have updated this ETSY page to be for pet business Gimpy Pets. I have added in my dog leash designs to sell. I have placed a big order for more leashes, harnesses and collars.

10% of all my Gimpy Pet sales goes to help senior and disabled pets in need. Either by my donating money to the 5 animal rescues I have chosen to help, and/or to help out individuals who are making the choice to not take their beloved pet to a Veternarian because they can’t afford it. I would help pay that bill.

I have also set up a Paypal Donation button on my Gimpy Pets site. Please donate to help these needy animals. Even if it’s as little as $5. Every dime helps!!!


Wool and the Gang!

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Attention all you Knitters out there!

Wool and the Gang is a cool online Wool Yarn Shop with Knitting Kits for Sale, Video Tutorials as well as finished Ready to Wear knitted items for all you who are too impatient to knit your own! (that would be me for sure!!)

Buy kits of yarn, needles, pattern and accessories, from simple to sophisticated. Just so you know, their knitting kits will give you super soft 100% cotton sweaters. It is the classic craft of hand-knitting coupled with a high-end raw material that offers a high quality product and great experience to their customers.

Top quality wool, produced deep in the heart of the Peru’s Andean Highlands.

Each collection is a selection of basic pieces. “Extra seasonal” seasons, according to our choice of design, colours and finishes. Models made from wool for women, men, children, animals, the house, and more, following the seasons and WATG inspiration.

Wool and the Gang , where you can buy kits of yarn, needles, pattern and accessories, from simple to sophisticated.

Check them out!!!


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FabMo rescues designer materials for repurposing. Located in San Mateo. Get on their email list to be notified when their next swap meet is.

I have not gone yet, but plan to soon. You can bring your scraps and notions to swap out with others. Or make a donation. Pretty cool!FabMo

My pile!

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Zoikes! I have a good pile of work right now! Making stuff for a December craft show and working on custom orders! Need to design sewing patterns too at some point!



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This is a super cute little sewing project I saw on Craftsy today!!!

Check it out and make one of these little birdie Pincushions!!!

I need to make one, two or three………………………………

Need to sell that big ol’ table!!

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I am still trying to sell my big quilters table! I posted on Craigslist 3 times now. I think it would be a good table for a school or sewing shop as well as a artsy/craftsy  type with allot of space!

Spread the word if you know of anyone who needs a table. I really want to re-do my sewing space and this table is in the way of me doing anything!!!! EESSHHHHH!!!!!!!