Mackerilla at the Bay Area Pet Expo

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Come get some handmade Mackerilla Pup-Cycled Sweaters, Cat recovery Collars, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Patches, storage totes and of course…………..Gimpy Pet dog leashes, collars and harnesses in BOOTH #702 at the Bay Area Pet Expo!!!!!

I am sharing Booth #702with

Mari Rodriguez of The Honorable Dalmatian.

The Honorable Dalmatian is a retail store that features animal-inspired art, jewelry, apparel and greeting cards, locally-roasted coffee beans and gently-worn women’s clothing and accessories.

Every purchase made at The Honorable Dalmatian benefits local animal causes. Many of the store’s items are “double winners,” meaning that the artist or wholesaler also donates to animal causes.

Check out her shop online!

She has great jewelry, T shirts and Art!

Come meet us and enjoy all the other vendors at the Expo!

Lot’s of activities and pet adoption!

Crafty Pack is now AVAILABLE!

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Come get it!!

A cheeky take on the ol’ fanny pack! Great for anyone that is a vendor at craft fairs. You can carry everything you need for your sales. Especially your money pouch!

Also a great design for anyone who is in the service industry like a waiter or waitress, or wedding coordinator and needs to be hands on with their stuff!

Crafty Pack Dimensions: – 7″H x 12″W

Suggested fabrics :
Lightweight Cotton fabric (use stabilizer with light cotton), Heavy Cotton Canvas or Twill, Upholstery fabric, Cotton Duck or Cordura.

Fabric shown is available on under Mackerilla
(link to swatch


44″ – 46″ Wide fabric 1/2 yard

Optional Stabilizer 1 yard at 22″ wide


” Wide shoe lace at 54” or longer or 1“ wide ribbon

-Velcro (either precut square or circle at 1”.
NOTE: do not buy Velcro with the sticky backing

-matching thread

This pattern is $8 for the PDF version

New Sewing Pattern!

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I just whipped up the “Crafty Pack” sewing pattern. I will be finishing up the pattern soon. Need the cover image and to proof it and then I will post it to my ETSY page. This pattern just like my others is available in PDF format for $8.

You can buy this fabric in any weight material on my Spoonflower page.
BUY The Detective Tinkerton fabric here!

Being a craft show vendor and a pet show vendor with my Gimpy Pet products, It’s nice to have everything on hand. And when a show is super busy with tons of customers, you don’t want to be worried where your stuff is. You want to make that sale and move on to the next. I hate to make my customers wait. I know they want to pay for their stuff and move onto the next booth!

This is also a useful pack to wear for anyone in the service industry! Waitresses and or Waiters, Show coordinators, Wedding coordinators, etc…… LOADS of people can use this item!

It’s features include:

2 open rear pockets. One for your cellphone and the other to put your money pouch in for when you doing craft fairs! Got to keep your cash safe and keep it with you at all times. I don’ t like using the cash boxes. You have to always monitor where it is. And if you have to take a potty break, you either take it with you, have a friend or show mate keep an eye on it or hide it and hope no one has seen where you had put it!!

Front features are:

Two pen or pencil slots, one open top pocket for your business cards. Easy access to hand them out without digging for them. And then the roomy center pocket with a velco flap closure. Good for all your catch all items like small scissors, calculator, notes, clips, etc……..

The tie for securing around your waste is a easy wide shoe lace. You can get them super cheap at most shoe stores. I like them better than using a ribbon which can come undone and then your Craft Pack is around your feet! Shoe laces tied tight stay put!!!

Get your Wool on!!!!!

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Attention all you Knitters out there!

Wool and the Gang is a cool online Wool Yarn Shop with Knitting Kits for Sale, Video Tutorials as well as finished Ready to Wear knitted items for all you who are too impatient to knit your own which also make great knitted gifts! (that would be me for sure!!)

Buy kits of yarn, needles, pattern and accessories, from simple to sophisticated. Just so you know, their knitting kits will give you super soft 100% cotton sweaters. It is the classic craft of hand-knitting coupled with a high-end raw material like alpaca knitting wool that offers a high quality product and great experience to their customers.

Top quality wool, produced deep in the heart of the Peru’s Andean Highlands.

Each collection is a selection of basic pieces. “Extra seasonal” seasons, according to our choice of design, colors and finishes. Models made from wool for women, men, children, animals, the house, and more, following the seasons and WATG inspiration.

Wool and the Gang , where you can buy kits of yarn, needles, pattern and accessories, from simple to sophisticated.

Check them out!!!

Appliqué day

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Gearing up for my upcoming Bay Area Pet expo event where I am a vendor in. I silkscreened my artwork and text I designed for promoting adoption of rescue pets. Then I appliquéd them onto some alternative apparel sweatshirts I ordered. I will be selling these for $34 at the show and will post them on my ETSY gimpy pets page.

Appliqué is a great way to add cool art and designs to clothes instead if risking screening directly onto a favorite clothing item. This way you don’t risk a failed screening job!

Sewing Tip!!!

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When your sewing with velcro, it’s best NOT use the kind that has the sticky backing on it.

It gums up your sewing needle and then pulls the thread and causes missing stitches. NO FUN!!!!!

I usually buy it by the yard instead of the little squares or circles or small strips.

Also it’s cheaper to buy the wider velcro. So get the 1 1/2″ or 2″ width and just cut in half. You get more for your money this way!!!!

A Cuttin and a sewin!

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Making Cat post surgery recovery collars to sell at the upcoming Bay Area Pet Expo on Feb 4th!



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