Pet Toys

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Ahhhh look out the doggie is gonna eat me!!!!!!!

This is the first of many Screecher dog and cats toys I will be making for my Gimpy Pets shop!

I am upcycling old denim into these since denim is a wee bit stronger than just using some fleece or cotton fabrics.They will have squeekers inside and I will make some without for those who don’t want the noise! I will also make some kitty versions with a little nip inside!

I designed up some screaming faces and prepped them for my silk screen printer.

These are fun little pet toys for your furry children to toss around and play with.

I just ordered some of the squeekers for the inside and should have some ready for purchase on my ETSY page soon!!

Up and running!!!!

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Fairytale frocks and lollipops has just launched Mackerilla Bag’s Sewing Pattern PDF’s on their site for sale!! Another retailer to purchase from!

Check them out! They have a great selection of children’s clothing designs as well as many other products! AND………….of course Mackerilla Design!!! πŸ™‚

Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops

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Fairytale Frocks and lollipops is an online retailer of sewing patterns, fabrics, books and notions.

They are now carrying my Mackerilla Brand Sewing Patterns!! My stuff will be up shortly on their site!!!

Please check out their site. Lots of cute things to choose from!!!


Sewing room!

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Almost done!

My IKEA Hemnes pine cabinets are installed (by me by the way!) and filled and packed with all my crafty sewing stuff!

Next is to design the perfect work table. I am currently using my old IKEA work table. My new table will have casters for easy moving around, drawers and cubbies!

Still need lighting. I have not figured out what I want to do with that as of yet. So I guess I can only work from 2-5 when the light is pretty good in there!! πŸ˜‰


and yes that is as fake rubber leg sitting on top of the two baskets! πŸ˜‰

Martha Stewart stuff!

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So I have been trying to plan the perfect sewing room for myself. I am currently crammed into a small room with too much stuff out in the open!

I have been researching all sorts of craft room ideas and furniture.

I came across this Martha Stewart Craft room furniture! Pretty cool and not too pricey. I am digging the Space Storage cabinet and hutch. Lots of craft specific nooks and crannies!

Yes you do have to put it together but I can totally handle that. I have built up many Ikea cabinets πŸ˜‰

If anyone out there knows of any other craft cabinets and such, please let me know!!!


Twisted T shirt


I came across this on Facebook! Make a twisted front T shirt!

Use your own t shirt pattern and modify it!

Check it out and go to this link to Craftsy!!

Program for Saturdays Bay Area Pet Expo!!!


Here is a link to the Program!

Come visit Gimpy Pets in Booth 702!!!