Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops

patterns, sewing patterns, Supplies

Fairytale Frocks and lollipops is an online retailer of sewing patterns, fabrics, books and notions.

They are now carrying my Mackerilla Brand Sewing Patterns!! My stuff will be up shortly on their site!!!

Please check out their site. Lots of cute things to choose from!!!


4 thoughts on “Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops

  1. Fairytale Frocks & Lollipops is so happy that you have joined our team of super-designers! We look forward to many years of spreading the sewing love! Welcome aboard, Mackerilla Design!


  2. Informative writeup my sis sent me this hyperlink in a message. Anyhow, Wanted to tell you I’ve read a couple of pages, I know this isn’t a 90’s guestbook lol, however would like to say good info. Gonna try adding your RSS feed into Google reader, I’ve not used it before, but worth a shot.

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