Vintage Sewing Machine Repairs

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I have 4 vintage sewing machines. One is my industrial Singer, another a heavy-duty Pfaff 130, then there is a mint condition Singer 401A and lastly a sweet turquoise Fleetwood 195 Deluxe. All in great working order thankfully!!!

Oil and cleaning is important. I do a thorough machine cleaning every 6 months or so. My Industrial machine is a work horse and I have not coddled it at all. It takes a lickin and keeps on tickin!!! Well so far……………………………

I found the Website S.O.S. Machine which is in Los Gatos, California. So close enough for me to take my vintage machines too if needed. He does sell some of these old beauties too. They are dedicated in saving vintage machines that are in need of some TLC.

Check them out!!!

Oh and I am going to sell the Singer 401A if anyone is interested!!! I am finding out what the worth is of it and the shipping costs at the moment!!!


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