A pet straight jacket!

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Here is Finn modeling my version of the Thundershirt. I made this for a recently rescued papillon who has separation anxiety issues. Her foster parents are bringing her over tomorrow. She will be hanging out with me and my crew for the weekend!
These are pretty easy to make! Just 4 pieces of fabric for the front and backside and straight jacket strap which is made up of the other two fabric pieces. Lot’s of Velcro all around for the secure fit.

Here it is all flat out! I used a nice 4 way stretch Jersey fabric I had laying around.

Measure your dogs belly, neck and base of neck to base of tail. Add 6″ to the belly measurements so it can wrap your dog.

The back straight jacket flap I cut to 8″ long by 4″. (My dog is about 10 lbs and 15″ around the middle, 10″ around the neck and 12″ from neck to tail)

As you can see just one shaped body piece made of 2 pieces of fabric sewn together and then turned right side out. Then top stitched all around.

Velcro for the neck area (which is the “V” like portion at the top of the photo). The LEFT SIDE of the “V” has one long piece of the soft Velcro on the TOP SIDE. The RIGHT SIDE of the “V” has the rough Velcro on the UNDERSIDE of it. The long portion on the right has 2 long strips of the soft  Velcro sewn on the TOP SIDE. The UNDERSIDE has 3 short strips (perpendicular to the top pieces) of the rough Velcro.

The left end on the TOP SIDE has 2 wide pieces of the soft Velcro. And that’s it for Velcro on the body panel!

The Straight Jacket panel is made of two pieces of the same fabric sewn together and turned right side out and top stitched. On the UNDERSIDE of it is two pieces of the rough Velcro. The straight jacket panel is then sewn on top of the body panel starting to the very right of the edge of the “V”.  ( I folded over the open end under about 1″)

Use a wide Velcro and then cut to strips for areas that it’s too large for. And of course I added the final touch of the kitty crossbones on top of the flap!

You want it to be snug around your dog’s middle. This is what makes your dog calm. That light squeezing on his or her torso!


9 thoughts on “A pet straight jacket!

  1. I’ve been looking for a pattern for this type of jacket for my rescue Penny. Thank you so much for sharing! How did the papillion do with the jacket? I wish I’d made one for the 4th =]
    Thanks again. Liz

    1. My dog Candy did well with it. I ended up giving it to a woman that adopted one of my foster dogs. It kept her calm in the car ride to her new home!

      With lots of outings with Candy, she was able gain confidence and not need to wear it. 🙂

    2. The dog did great with it. It’s amazing how something so simple works so well!

  2. Going to expand this to fit our lab/aussie cross, her ‘sister’ isn’t up set by sounds it is only strange places, so maybe one for her as well. Should be fun.

    1. Hi there! I don’t make them, Just have a free sewing pattern online. If you can sew or have a friend that sew, feel free to copy the pattern! 🙂

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