Tis the sewing season begins!

crafts, creative, Design, Totes

So I am gearing up for the holidays now! Never too early! I am hoping to get in a few different holiday art and craft fairs this fall/winter.

My goal is to make loads of totes in various sizes, zip pouches, pet products, silk screen t shirts an some other fun creations!

Of course will post some up on my ETSY pages to sell too!
(that is Candy hiding under my work table!!! 😉  )


5 thoughts on “Tis the sewing season begins!

  1. I’m starting to get my sew on for the festive season too! I have no where near enough stock, but i’m getting there 🙂

    I need to find a craft fair to book into as well!

      1. Bags and Aprons mainly (for the moment) but hoping to branch out into clothing once I’ve got a little better. 🙂

      2. Cool!!! I am also dabbling in clothing. Fun and a bit more challenging at first but I know you can do it!! It still intimidates me to make clothes. Just need to take my time!

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