Quilt your own!

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Why buy some pre quilted cotton fabric when you can make your own!

I have a bunch of fat quarters just waiting to be made into some bags! Too light and soft for exteriors of the bags so I slapped on some batting to the backside and quilted a diamond pattern on top! Then created some cute little zip pouches! Fun, fun, fun!

Kitten caps for lil kids!

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Would it be a gaggle of caps? Or a herd of hats?…….


An oldie but a goodie!

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20121011-163931.jpgThis design is called the “Jill”. Named after a dear old friend that has passed away since the inception of this bag. She wanted something long and lean to hold her checkbook and her wallet. So this is what I came up with. Since then the exterior pocket has been rounded a bit and the bag is a wee bit bigger! I think I will have to get the sewing pattern started for this bag design! 🙂

Make a Pet bed!

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20121005-174004.jpgMake a pet bed out of scrap fabric and an old comforter. I measured out 32″ long by 18″ wide two pieces of ultra suede. Then measured out 4″ wide strips of some upholstery fabric for the sides. Sewed it all up leaving a wide opening in one long end. Then laid it on top of an old comforter and kept cutting out pieces to the thickness desired. Or until you run out of comforter!

Then I stacked all the comforter pieces and carefully placed them inside the sewn cover. Then stitch up the opening. Then with a big monster sewing needle I put the pompoms on with buttons on the bottom side of the cushion. It took me an hour! Easy peasy!

Make one for your pet today! 🙂

Kitten ear caps are back!

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20121002-174548.jpgI am creating my kitten ear caps to sell for the fall/winter season again! These were very popular with my local mommies for their wee ones and the adult sizes were popular with the college kids. Especially the male hipsters! 🙂

I just got some cool vintage fabric which you see on the back of the table here in the pic! Will sew them up tomorrow!