The Mutha Trucker Wallet finalized!


OK! Here it is in a cool reddish leather that (which I like) gets scratchy and distressed from use!

Nice leather with metal accents. Short trucker leather leash instead of a chain. Just long enough to clip to your belt loop or loop through it and clip back onto the round attached ring. Branded inside and out with my Santa Cruz Bagworks logo!!!

Solid brass Sam Browne button closures and just the right amount of compartment for some cards and bills. Not too much to make it bulky and not to over fill!

I will have this in a nice lighter brown, this reddish/brown and will be seeking out some other colors!!

muther trucker1 muther trucker2 muther trucker3 muther trucker4 muther trucker5 muther trucker6 muther trucker7 muther trucker8


New Wallet


Just created this little leather trucker wallet for the boyz!



Calling it The Muther Trucker Wallet! 😉  Will have nice brass closures and pocket for your $ and slots for your cards and id!
Plus a short leather leash instead of a chain! Still working  out the price on this baby!