Helping out one animal at a time with my donations.


I create art therefore I donate…………….

I always put away 10% of all my sales to help animals in need. I try and keep to my key 5 rescues that I work with, but if I hear or read about an animal in need outside my 5, I will do what I can with what I have earned. Might not be much, could be $20 but every dollar can help.

Well today I donated to, which is one of my key 5. I donated $100 to a sweet little dog which they call Little One (but foster mom is calling her Butternut), that was rescued. She was a stray that was hit by a car. Had some rear hip damage and hip is not sitting right and she needs another surgery to hopefully fix it.

I hope to earn loads of $ this year so I can help out more animals in need……………

If you can, please donate to help this dog or any other animal in need out there in the world that could use some help!!!


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