Here naked kitty, kitty……………..

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So after many paintings of lovely doggies, I have completed one of a nudie cat! Boris the Sphynx!!!

I drew it up last Thursday eve and got busy on it Friday, Saturday and then finished it up this morning!! I am glad I used more colors than just one for the background. I think it helped with having colors that are in his face also be in the background. I am super happy how this one came out!!!! 🙂

Back on to the birds of prey paintings……………………….

Boris the Sphynx 16x20 canvas

Boris the Sphynx 16×20 canvas


2 thoughts on “Here naked kitty, kitty……………..

  1. Hi Janice,

    Just wanted to say how much fun it is seeing all your new pet portraits! I keep seeing and liking them on Facebook and on emails, but just needed to say how much I love that you’re doing them.



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