Paying the price for something personal.

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So I do commissioned pieces as well as just paint stuff!!
People need to realize that when you are an artist, you really don’t make much for the time you put into your work unless your Andy Warhol or Pablo Picasso. Well yes both of them are dead but you get what I am trying to say!!!

I charge for commission per canvas size. Some people ask and I tell them how much and they are like “Wow! That is pricey!” Well you have to remember all the time that is put into a piece of artwork. Sometimes after hours and hours on a particular piece, I might end up making $10 per hour. Not enough to really pay the bills, see?!!!!
I am asking all of you potential customers, to understand that these personal pieces of art take time. Your getting something special of your very own of a beloved pet!!!

So now that I have said my peace, it’s time to start up another painting!!! 🙂