If you want them…..you can get them!!!!

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So I have a SHOP page on my site and you can now get my note cards!!

They are 4″x 6″ and blank inside to write til your hearts content!

little goatGreeting Cardsmoooo cowcrabby rooster



Just click on the links below and order up!! 🙂

Pack of 4 (1 of each design)

Pack of 8 (2 of each design)

Pack of 16 (4 of each design)

Also if you want a T Shirt, Tank or Sweatshirt with one of my pieces of artwork. You can go to my Skreened page and order them up as well! Choose your design then select what style and size of clothing article you would like and BAMM!!! You will be the cool one stylin my artwork around town!

Kitty got to get her meds!!


I posted about Chase no Face kitty many moons ago!

She is one special little feline! If you have not heard of her she is a Facebook celeb! She was hit by a car when she was a wee little kitten and was badly injured but thankfully saved by a good Samaritan.  She needs meds to thrive and her people have put out some campaigns to earn some much need coin for her meds.

You can go to her blog page and donate or you can also help by purchasing one of her custom designed products. We just ordered a sweatshirt with this image on it to help!!

Chase cartoon by Graphic designer Josh Ellingson

Chase cartoon by Graphic designer Josh Ellingson

They have a Tee Spring page to sell some cool designed shirts by graphic designer Josh Ellingson to help raise money.



I pulled this from her FB page so you can read her story.

I was a stray cat that wandered into a road and was hit by a car (not intentionally) at about three weeks old. A Good Samaritan brought me to a clinic and donated money to help me but advised he was not in need of a cat. I became the clinic cat. My mom worked there and took care of me at night and on weekends. Then I became hers once she moved away.

I am not in pain. Just don’t have a nose (so I can’t smell or beg for food) and no eyelids. I just need eye drops to keep care of my eyes. There are humans who have these issues as well and function just fine too. For me it is a cosmetic issue more than a health issue.

I sleep w my eyes open. I don’t have any other option and I’ve been doing it since I was a few weeks old. It doesn’t faze me. I do enjoy a dark corner or hiding spot but can still gladly sleep on a couch by a window.

I eat dry cat food and drink water out of a bowl.

I meow extra loud (no muffle) and enjoy doing so at 2 am up and down the steps.

Oh I also lost a back leg in that accident.

I am 8.5yrs old and love to give head nuzzles and licks. I don’t mind being dressed up by my little human siblings and have participated in more tea parties than I can count on my toes.

You can donate to help w cost of eye medicine via PayPal on my blog chasenoface(dot) blogspot(dot) com. Or message me for information. Or if you happen to have Refresh or Genteal or Systane brand eye drops laying around you can mail them to me smile emoticon

I use a mixture of prescription steroids (as needed), prescription antibiotics and currently use eye drops and gels to help with my eye lubrication (I DO still make tears).

I’m happy, well loved and taken care of. I hope to spread a little joy and help others realize its really not the outside that matters and being different isn’t a bad thing and definitely doesn’t give a cause for not living and living happily.

Build it yourself!

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So I created these decorative pillows out of a badly abused Vintage crocheted throw. This thing was in very bad shape. I rescued it from an estate sale we went to a few months back. I washed it and then was able to salvage all the good bits to make these pillows. I used coffee sacks for the back sides and for behind the crochet portion and even made the pillow inserts (which is the floral cotton fabric pillow) for them since they are just over 21″ square.

I was able to make 6 of them and will be selling these at the upcoming Goat Hill Antique Fair in Watsonville!
I feel good to have been able to save part of someones beautiful work. Now, her throw can live on as pillows in someone’s home. I do love the whole repurpose movement! 🙂


Sweet!!! New greeting cards coming soon………………………..


Greeting Cardsmoooo cow  little goat crabby roosterCOOL!!!!!

So I have ordered some note cards with my farm animal series! Should be receiving them in the next week or so.

I will be posting the pack sets of cards on my ETSY page.

Single card $4.00

Pack of 8 $24.00

Pack of 16 $38

If you have a store and would like to wholesale some cards, please contact me! 831 325-3905

Or by email mackerilla@gmail.com