AUGUST 7th!!!!! Come if you can!!!



Here chicken chicken!!!!!


SO this is one of 2  30×36 paintings I am doing of my neighbors chickens!

This is Candace Cluck! Yes my neighbor named her after his favorite server at a local restaurant (first name only!)! The second chicken is in the works! Her name is Lena-Marie Peck. She is a sassy one and likes to give you a kiss with her sharp beak!! 😉

(Sorry my photos I put here are from my own camera! I will be having these professionally photographed for prints soon!!)

Candace Cluck 30×36

Also painting these animals (some with a bit of a sinister pose) to show their beauty and to get their respect in the world! The one’s that are glaring at you are in protest on how poorly some are treated in the world. Got to stop factory farming and abuse of these and all animals!!!!