Sometimes there is a story…..

Just finished up my painting of a crow. Calling it “Human, throw me a peanut!”  My inspiration to paint a crow is because a neighbor of mine loves crows. He goes on for his morning walks and carrys a bag of peanuts (still in their shell. The crows have to work for their treat! 😜).Continue reading “Sometimes there is a story…..”

Added Artist Profile!

I just signed up and added my info to the Santa Cruz First Friday Artist Profile registry!!! Check it out!!!!

Gettin on my soapbox….

So this is not art related but something I think is important to share……. I volunteer for a rescue. I volunteer for papillon rescue. They were, and still are looking for more foster homes. I shared on Facebook all the info to my personal page and my public page for animals in need called GimpyContinue reading “Gettin on my soapbox….”