Gettin on my soapbox….


So this is not art related but something I think is important to share…….

I volunteer for a rescue. I volunteer for papillon rescue.

They were, and still are looking for more foster homes. I shared on Facebook all the info to my personal page and my public page for animals in need called Gimpy Pets. By doing so, Paphaven gained another foster home! Yeay!!!

So it is so important to put the word out on social media sites! It works! It helps to connect people to important stories in the news locally and afar, organizations in need of help like Paphaven, promoted cool new products and ideas, helps lost pets and people find their families, and in my case helped to gain more foster homes for animals in need.

So when someone posts for help or ask for you to share…..please go ahead and share. Cause someone else will share and it can snowball from there!

It works! I have proof! 😊😊😊


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