Another finished piece!


This is Spot!

She will be a part of my upcoming shows for customers to see my custom pet portrait creations!

Gearin up!!


Getting ready for my upcoming art shows!!

Don’t want to be like uhoh!!! And then have to rush to getter done!!

Open Studio business cards done and ordered some more art greeting cards that I will be selling!!

Check my Events page for shows and dates!!!



My goal with painting peoples pets is to capture their pets personality.

With cats, its fun to get cranky kitties to show there attitude or should I rephrase and say cattitide! 😆

Working on this kitteh named Spot. Spot is angry cause she is on a diet! 👍😄

Originals for sale!!


I have these originals and more for sale! Contact me if your interested on one 😁

831 325-3905