Preening while I paint!

2 of my furkids doing a little self grooming while I work on 4 paintings on a hot fall day! 95 degrees out!!! Whaaattt! I am so ready for cool weather and it seems that our weather is not cooperating!!! 

Artwork takeover!

Whew! Getting busy!  My small house is being taken over by portraits! Started 4 more and was contacted for a few more! If you are interested in a custom portrait for the holidays, I still can take on a few more!  Or you can always buy a gift certificate for someone! Contact me at 831Continue reading “Artwork takeover!”

Another one in the Books!

Whew! My 3rd Open Studio Art tour is over! And this one was a very busy one! We guestimated around 300 visitors! 😁 I met so many new awesome human beings as well as visiting returning customers. We had a kids section in our backyard for them to be creative and to play. Sold lotsContinue reading “Another one in the Books!”