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Pet stuff to discuss


Since we are pet lovers and furry senior and disabled pet caregivers, I wanted to share this info.

A friend of mine had done a bunch of research on a vitamin company a few years back. Knowing that I had/have pets with health issues she wanted me to check out their pet tablets. So, I had ordered it for Finn, Candy and Eagan. But since Finn and Eagans health were already too far gone, they never really benefited from it.
Candy wouldn’t eat it since she is a picky girl! So I put it away.

Candy has slowed down a ton in the recent year and I remembered the Petandim product.

Candy playing video

I started her back on it a month ago by mixing into her food.
She is now bouncing around again. Way more alert and plays with Wilma.
I can see in her eyes that they seem a bit brighter too. I am looking forward to hopefully more improvements in her health.
Going to get Oonagh on it too!

My friend made me a distributor so I could promote and help other senior and animals with health issues. At first I was like..hell no! I am not that person who is a product pusher! But then I thought about it, and if I can help others pets, then why not!
I promise I won’t be going on and on with posts about this stuff. But I will share any improvements with Candy’s heath on occasion!

I am still learning about their products and I was for sure sceptical at first. But seeing Candy improving is proof enough for me! It’s not expensive so that was a plus too.

I have a link here if anyone would like to try it.