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I have been an artist all my life. I use to mainly draw with graphite pencils and color pencils.
Back in my 20’s, I was always asked to draw my coworkers pets and children. Did quite a few over the years but then when I moved to Santa Cruz from the Detroit area in 09, I started working with clay. I began creating hand built pieces and tiles. From there, I stumbled onto the world of sewing and became very crafty!
Eventually I started Mackerilla Design back in 2001 when I started to design and sew up fabric handbags. I sold many of my “Mackerilla” bags here in Santa Cruz as well as all over the country and a few overseas. I now sell my handbag designs in sewing pattern form on many online retail sites as well as my own ETSY page.

I always wanted to get back to being an artist again and stated, “I would try painting at some point off in the distant future”……
But early in 2014, a friend of mine said to me “why wait?!” She was right! Why wait!! So I dug through my art supplies, found some old brushes and bought some acrylic paints.  Then had to decide what my subject would be. Of course since I am a passionate pet person, dogs would be my first subject!
After my first few dog portraits of practicing painting my pets, I was asked to paint a neighbors dog. Then after posting photos on my Facebook page Gimpy Pets, and my art page Janice Serilla Design, I started to get more clients for custom pet portraits! That is how it all started! I now switch between days of painting and days of a bit of sewing and designing.

I really love painting! I am so glad I was pushed to start now instead of waiting! Having fun with it and looking forward to where this will take me! I can’t wait to buy a giant canvas to do something huge!!!    -Janice Serilla


I started designing and creating Mackerilla brand bags in 2001. lt all began because a former employer was going to toss out a bunch of new fabric “leftovers.” These fabrics would all have ended up in the local landfill.

I then decided to take the upholstery fabrics home and make some use of them. I made a simple backpack for myself to use while out riding on my Cruiser bike. Little did I know at that time that I had just created my first of many, “Cruzer” backpacks (cruzer due to that I live in Santa Cruz) . I then followed up with more design styles, by listening to what women wanted and needed in carrying an every day functional bag. The “Mackerilla” brand name was then created by combining my husbands and my last name together. Mackerilla Design was then born! Now from creating many many Mackerilla bags which I have sold for more than 10 years, to the more recent selling of sewing patterns of my designs to all the DIY crafters out there. But I do still make Mackerilla bags on request. I still have loads of fans who want them!


I also have a strong passion for helping animals. Especially the senior and disabled ones. I have 4 disabled pets and I have fostered a few dogs for a papillon rescue called Paphaven. With this passion I created Gimpy Pets Facebook page and blog/site. I promote the positive light in caring for these special broken one. I also have created dog leashes, collars and harnesses with the statement “I am a Gimpy Pet”. Disabled pets are just as wonderful and loving as a non disabled pet. Be proud of who you are is what my message is with these items. I also donate 10% of all my sales on my pet lines to animals in need.



We at Mackerilla Design are allowed to generate ad income on posting guest blogs, links and other writings. We are allowed to accept ads and advertizing links from other businesses.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Janice, I saw yourcpost about your cat with amputated hind leg on facebook. He is beautiful. I was wondering what kind of cancer he survived and how old he is? I just lost my 17 year old big maine coone cat Simon the love of my life this March. He had a fracture in his hind leg from jumping off a bed and was superpainful. He couldnt move or use his litter box anymore. Our vet told us we could either amputate his hind leg and he would suffer a lot due to his age and size and since he had bone cancer he probably only had 6 more months to live. So he strongly advised to put him to sleep which we did with a very heavy heart. He was my love and baby and I miss him terribly and am still windering if we made the right decision. How is your kitty doing? I know he is only 8…. happy for you he is doing great. Just wanted to ask hope you dont mind. Thank you

    1. Hi Stephanie, I am so sorry this happened to your cat. Its so heartbreaking when our furkids get sick.
      Our cat is now guessing 17 years old. Harper has a vaccine accociated sarcoma. So VAS as they call it. I noticed a tiny hard lump on his back leg and my vet did a biopsy which confirmed it. We opted for amputation due that the margins were not clear. Was a rough few months post surgery, but well worth it since it saved his life.

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