OK! Latest Fabric now available for purchase!

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photo(28)Hot off the press!! I just approved the sample and listed this for sale on my Spoonflower page!  Ok! Just approved my latest design which is available for sale! On Spoonflower you can chose what type of fabric you want. Lots of choices.


An awesome fabric for kids projects. Cool for your kids play tent, make a quilt with this or even a cute sundress, apron, etc…….. The image is large scale. (You can see the size with the quarter on the fabric.) If anyone is interested in this on a smaller scale and a different background color. Let me know and I will make it available!!!


Silk screen designs

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20120912-131111.jpghere is the first of my series “fictitious business ” graphic designs! Fun, silly and an attention getter!

If you want a T shirt with my designs, they will be available on my ETSY page as well as by contacting me directly! Mackerilla@gmail.com

Appliqué day

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Gearing up for my upcoming Bay Area Pet expo event where I am a vendor in. I silkscreened my artwork and text I designed for promoting adoption of rescue pets. Then I appliquéd them onto some alternative apparel sweatshirts I ordered. I will be selling these for $34 at the show and will post them on my ETSY gimpy pets page.

Appliqué is a great way to add cool art and designs to clothes instead if risking screening directly onto a favorite clothing item. This way you don’t risk a failed screening job!

Project Bag in Rozzelberry Fabric!

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I just finished this Project bag sample for my Sewing Pattern cover. Now that I have this one done and my Indie Shopper bag sample completed. It’s time to have them professionally photographed by my sister Janet Allinger. She is a graphic designer who actually created the cat head on this fabric. It’s her Devon Rex cat named Rozwell! I used it  and added the cat paws. We are going to try and get Rozwell to pose in the photo for the my sewing pattern cover. Janet’s other cat George is on the cover of my Knitting Tote Sewing Pattern. He just could not stay away. He is a very curious George! 😉


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Screen printing can be fun and also can drive you nuts! I am learning about mixing up my white with colors to give it the right consistency to stick to fabric!!!
SO far so good!!!!
Go to my ETSY T Shirt page to see what I have for sale!

From cute to somewhat crude?

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Just added in another T shirt design to my ZAZZLE page available for order!

The Dogs Bollox! A silly cartoon inspired by graffiti that I saw while traveling in Spain years ago.

People have been ordering T-shirts of my cartoon of my dog Detective Tinkerton who recently passed away 😦

Everyone loves the Tink!!! I love this graphic I created of him!!! He was such a wonderful little guy! Order him on any style, size shirt. Or on a bag? Or necklace, mug, etc…………………………ZAZZLE is the best!

Designing Fabric

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I have been playing around in Illustrator and creating some fabric designs which are available on SPOONFLOWER.

These are new and are not up on the site for sale until I proof them. They are of my senior dog Detective Tinkerton!

Immortalizing my elderly dog!

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So everyone loves the Tink. That is Detective Tinkerton to all who don’t know him. He is our senior papillon we adopted about 4 months ago. Was abandoned to die and we took him in to give him the love and pampering he deserves at the end of his life.

I have immortalized him on T shirts! He has his own Facebook page and has 99 friends so far! Just look up Det Tinkerton and request to be his friend. He has a big following in San Francisco where he came from as well as in LA. Even has some celebrity friends!!!! 🙂

If you want to wear the Tink on a clothing item, then go to my Zazzle page and order up!