One week away!!!

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What did you say?!! Open Studio North County Art Tour starts in one week!

I am artist #228 in the

Find Guide book and Open Studio App! Here

I am doing 2 weekends.

North County Oct 13th and 14th 11am to 5pm

And All County weekend

October 20th and 21st 11am to 5pm

Come by if you can!

Artwork takeover!

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Whew! Getting busy! 

My small house is being taken over by portraits! Started 4 more and was contacted for a few more!

If you are interested in a custom portrait for the holidays, I still can take on a few more! 

Or you can always buy a gift certificate for someone!

Contact me at 831 325-3905 or shoot me an email! 

Have a safe and sane 4th of July!

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I always like to remind everyone who has pets to keep them inside and safe during the 4th. Where we live it’s like a war zone sometimes during this festive time. Lots of crazy fireworks all over the place. Since it is a beach town we have loads of tourists that come to Santa Cruz to hang on our beaches and go nuts! People bury fireworks in the sand days before and dig them up and have their own dangerous personal firework displays! It gets really really crazy!!

So with that being said and about your pets, please keep them home and indoors. Turn on the TV or music and play it loud. I put Rescue Remedy in their water bowls about a week before and call my Vet to get some doggie valium!

I also made my own version of a Thundershirt for one of our crew that pretty much loses her mind from the sparkly explosions. It breaks my heart to see her so upset. So we hope this will work on her along with taking meds and drinking calming water.

Candy modeling her orange is the new black straight jacket!

Candy modeling her orange is the new black straight jacket!

SO PLEASE!! Enjoy the 4th and keep your furkids safe!

Oh! And please don’t ask me if I sell these for other doggies. I did and got a cease and desist note from the people of Thundershirt! Even though mine is not the same, they still were crabby that I made a few of them…………………………

Time to promote my Zazzle page again!!!

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I have been designing up some animal rescue shirts as well as some cute dog graphics that I created of my sweet pets. Need to get one of my Tripod Kitty and the head shot of my Finnie boy! I market and sell them on my Zazzle page. I give 100% of my proceeds to local animal shelters. Lots of sweet little animals in need and looking for homes! Help out if you can by adopting or fostering an animal!!!

I added recently my T-Shirt design. I will create some different ones but started with this to promote my site!!!!

Check them out!!! 🙂

Sewing up bags for School!

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School is going to start soon so why not make your student a bag for school! My Cruzers are great backpacks as well as my Mack Messenger bag.  My totes are always great to for lunch items or for gym shoes, ballet slippers, etc…………….

SO ladies, get out your sewing machines and pick a sewing pattern  to make!! 🙂

Get creative and crazy by mixing and matching fabrics, use some cool vintage materials or cut up an old coat that you no longer wear. Another idea is if you have old table clothes that have some stains in them, you can cut out the good parts and use that material for your inside of your bag! IDEAS are enless!!

Sew on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candy Baby!

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Here is a cartoon of my newly adopted senior Papillon named Candy.

I added this image to my Zazzle page to order on a T Shirt. All proceeds go to Senior Animal Rescue.

If you are interested in adopting a rescue Papillon. Go to A fantastic organization. Or go to Muttville to adopt a Senior pet of all breeds.

Buy a T shirt- Save a dog in need!

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If you go to my Zazzle page and buy any of my products, I will be donating all my proceeds to in San Francisco!!!!

Help save a Senior dog in need. Muttville does great things!! You can also go to their website and donate a gift of money to help out if you don’t want a T shirt!!!

Exciting Day!!!

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Today I started my secret project designing a special item, which I can’t tell anyone about just yet. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..Will keep everyone posted!!

And I am all set up to meet and pick up our new addition to our pet family. Candy the papillon will be joining us on Sunday!!!

A small sweet 7 year old gal with a damaged front leg. An old injury that was not properly cared for or rebroken. Not sure which is correct. But she gets around just fine! She seems like she is just as sassy as Finn. I hope they become fast friends!!!! And she will get along with Harper the cat. Harper is such a love and a mellow boy. She can bounce off of him and he would not even flinch!!! 😉

AND our bathroom fix up is in the works right now. New tub in place! Next drywall, tile and putting in the finished fixtures. Well and of course painting again, UGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Papillon Haven

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Everyone who gets or wants a pet should adopt from their local shelter or Pet rescue!

I am inquiring about a Papillon that is in need of a home from PapHaven Papillon Rescue.

There are too many dogs, cats, and other animals in need of a home. I hope to inspire a few of you out there to go adopt a pet!!!! 🙂

From cute to somewhat crude?

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Just added in another T shirt design to my ZAZZLE page available for order!

The Dogs Bollox! A silly cartoon inspired by graffiti that I saw while traveling in Spain years ago.

People have been ordering T-shirts of my cartoon of my dog Detective Tinkerton who recently passed away 😦

Everyone loves the Tink!!! I love this graphic I created of him!!! He was such a wonderful little guy! Order him on any style, size shirt. Or on a bag? Or necklace, mug, etc…………………………ZAZZLE is the best!