Sewing Tip!!!

When your sewing with velcro, it’s best NOT use the kind that has the sticky backing on it. It gums up your sewing needle and then pulls the thread and causes missing stitches. NO FUN!!!!! I usually buy it by the yard instead of the little squares or circles or small strips. Also it’s cheaperContinue reading “Sewing Tip!!!”

What are you working on!??

What are you making for gifts this season? I am making cookies from an old family recipe and pairing them up with a cute reusable shopping bag. You can make a bunch of simple shopping bags from simple easy to follow instructions from this site called Instructables. They have alot of cool ideas on thisContinue reading “What are you working on!??”

For the Chef in your life!

My friend Debbie and I are working together to make some cool one of a kind Chef Knife Rolls. For all the Chef’s out there that travel with their knives. Or for anyone who needs something to put all their expensive knifes in to keep them safe. We are using vintage and recycled items inContinue reading “For the Chef in your life!”

Just something I whipped up!

I had ordered a yard of the fabric I designed which I have for sale on my SPOONFLOWER page. I reduced the elephants a wee bit since I thought they were a bit too large for clothing. So if your interested, you can order any of my fabrics I have on Spoonflower under Mackerilla! Fabric:Continue reading “Just something I whipped up!”

Stuff to put your business onto!

Have you ever needed some items to promote your business? I have had some cute pins created in the past. Which are great give aways at trade shows and any other events. I have found recently this company called that you can have a ton of items made with your business name or logo.Continue reading “Stuff to put your business onto!”