Gettin on my soapbox….


So this is not art related but something I think is important to share…….

I volunteer for a rescue. I volunteer for papillon rescue.

They were, and still are looking for more foster homes. I shared on Facebook all the info to my personal page and my public page for animals in need called Gimpy Pets. By doing so, Paphaven gained another foster home! Yeay!!!

So it is so important to put the word out on social media sites! It works! It helps to connect people to important stories in the news locally and afar, organizations in need of help like Paphaven, promoted cool new products and ideas, helps lost pets and people find their families, and in my case helped to gain more foster homes for animals in need.

So when someone posts for help or ask for you to share…..please go ahead and share. Cause someone else will share and it can snowball from there!

It works! I have proof! 😊😊😊

Make a Tink Tote!

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This is my Indie Shopper tote bag in the fabric I designed of my dog Detective Tinkerton! One yard of either heavy weight cotton canvas or the linen canvas of this Spoonflower fabricΒ  is all you need for the exterior material. Then just 3/4 yard of what ever you would like for the inside. I used a heavy weighted poly denier. Or you can use a cordura fabric.

Choose Detective Tinkerton fabric or pick from my other designs!

Papillon Haven

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Everyone who gets or wants a pet should adopt from their local shelter or Pet rescue!

I am inquiring about a Papillon that is in need of a home from PapHaven Papillon Rescue.

There are too many dogs, cats, and other animals in need of a home. I hope to inspire a few of you out there to go adopt a pet!!!! πŸ™‚

Rescue a Senior Pet!


I adopted a senior pet from a woman in San Francisco who has an organization called Muttville. ( Sherri Franklin rescues, find fosters and adopts out these older dogs that would otherwise be put down due to being old. Some dogs are healthy and some have lots of problems like the one I adopted. I adopted a (we are guessing 17 years old) male Papillon. He is blind, deaf, has minimal teeth, some internal disorders and walks pretty stiff and falls allot. So pretty much a train wreck! BUT….even after all that is wrong he is super happy! Loves to snuggle and cruise around the house and yes plays! He does a little Happy Dance. We just love him. He was abandoned and left to die. If it was not for Sherri’s organization, Dectective Tinkerton would have been put down. We have made him a Facebook page since everyone that works with Sherri just loved him and wants to know how he is doing. He has 85 Facebook friends so far!
Sherri has inspired me to put the word out to adopt a senior pet. I have already heard of a few people i know who did go out and adopt an older cat or dog! Sherri is a hard worker and so are her volunteer foster people. She lives in San Francisco and does this out of her home! A complete mad house full of dogs that you can tell are so thankful. I hope you can check out her website and learn more about her story! πŸ™‚