Project Bag in Rozzelberry Fabric!

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I just finished this Project bag sample for my Sewing Pattern cover. Now that I have this one done and my Indie Shopper bag sample completed. It’s time to have them professionally photographed by my sister Janet Allinger. She is a graphic designer who actually created the cat head on this fabric. It’s her Devon Rex cat named Rozwell! I used it  and added the cat paws. We are going to try and get Rozwell to pose in the photo for the my sewing pattern cover. Janet’s other cat George is on the cover of my Knitting Tote Sewing Pattern. He just could not stay away. He is a very curious George! 😉

Make a Tink Tote!

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This is my Indie Shopper tote bag in the fabric I designed of my dog Detective Tinkerton! One yard of either heavy weight cotton canvas or the linen canvas of this Spoonflower fabric  is all you need for the exterior material. Then just 3/4 yard of what ever you would like for the inside. I used a heavy weighted poly denier. Or you can use a cordura fabric.

Choose Detective Tinkerton fabric or pick from my other designs!

New sewing patten in the works!

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Just finished up drafting up the Fanny like bag sewing pattern! After spending these last few days moving our computer to another room and cleaning out my sewing room, I decided to enjoy the sun and start writing up this pattern. Now to make a sample for the cover and start the pattern!

For the Chef in your life!

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My friend Debbie and I are working together to make some cool one of a kind Chef Knife Rolls. For all the Chef’s out there that travel with their knives. Or for anyone who needs something to put all their expensive knifes in to keep them safe.
We are using vintage and recycled items in our bags. So they are all going to be one of a kind. All available on my ETSY page. Ranging from $55 to $75

Check them out! AND………….. also check out Debbie’s cool silk screened and applique T Shirts! For adults and children! AND……………..    Vintage items!!!



Monday’s are my planning and organizing day after finishing up projects from the prior week. Plus got my Project Bag Sewing Pattern updated and files are ready to PDF out for order!
Now working on a logo design for another business endeavor I am involved in. 🙂