Time for holiday shopping?!!!

Some people are inquiring about bags and other items of mine for sale for the Holidays!! I just finished up some more of my Santa Cruz Bagworks Totes!! Have them in the Dark Oak waxed canvas and in the Field Beige waxed canvas!!! These babies are super sweet!! Selling them at $180. Waxed canvas exteriorContinue reading “Time for holiday shopping?!!!”

Quilt your own!

Why buy some pre quilted cotton fabric when you can make your own! I have a bunch of fat quarters just waiting to be made into some bags! Too light and soft for exteriors of the bags so I slapped on some batting to the backside and quilted a diamond pattern on top! Then createdContinue reading “Quilt your own!”

New Bag samples in my fabric designs!

While photographing a few bags in fabrics I had designed, Finn and Una felt like they needed to get involved! Both of these fabrics and a few other designs are available on my Spoonflower page (links are below). I used the linen canvas blend. Finn inspecting my Project bag Style in my fabric Rozzelberry UnaContinue reading “New Bag samples in my fabric designs!”