Free Sewing Pattern!

I just posted a free sewing pattern to make a Belly Band for your male dog that likes to sprinkle in your home!!! 😉 I have it under my free stuff section on my page!!! Please post on my Facebook page your belly bands if you make one But you can check it out hereContinue reading “Free Sewing Pattern!”

Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops

Fairytale Frocks and lollipops is an online retailer of sewing patterns, fabrics, books and notions. They are now carrying my Mackerilla Brand Sewing Patterns!! My stuff will be up shortly on their site!!! Please check out their site. Lots of cute things to choose from!!!  

Sewing Tip!!!

When your sewing with velcro, it’s best NOT use the kind that has the sticky backing on it. It gums up your sewing needle and then pulls the thread and causes missing stitches. NO FUN!!!!! I usually buy it by the yard instead of the little squares or circles or small strips. Also it’s cheaperContinue reading “Sewing Tip!!!”

What are you working on!??

What are you making for gifts this season? I am making cookies from an old family recipe and pairing them up with a cute reusable shopping bag. You can make a bunch of simple shopping bags from simple easy to follow instructions from this site called Instructables. They have alot of cool ideas on thisContinue reading “What are you working on!??”

Make a Tink Tote!

This is my Indie Shopper tote bag in the fabric I designed of my dog Detective Tinkerton! One yard of either heavy weight cotton canvas or the linen canvas of this Spoonflower fabric  is all you need for the exterior material. Then just 3/4 yard of what ever you would like for the inside. IContinue reading “Make a Tink Tote!”

Dresses for little Girls!

A woman in Michigan has an organization called Little Dresses for Africa. Home She makes dresses out of pillow cases. Simple to make and such a great gift for a little girl to receive a new dress! There is a pattern on her site so you can make dresses to contribute! Check it out