Tattoos are art!!!!

So while perusing the internet for tattoo ideas (for my next or should I say, my second tattoo) I came across so many wonderful pieces of artwork permanently inked onto the skin. I am amazed by some with their detail and others with their vivid colors. I found that there are tattoos called “Watercolor Tattoos”.Continue reading “Tattoos are art!!!!”

I just finished these two bags! These are already claimed! BUT…………..I will be making more! The handles are leather and USA made. These are the ones I get from the ladies of Homestead Heirloom LLC. Got them a few years back at the Knitting Expo and have been waiting for the right project to useContinue reading

Time to promote my Zazzle page again!!!

I have been designing up some animal rescue shirts as well as some cute dog graphics that I created of my sweet pets. Need to get one of my Tripod Kitty and the head shot of my Finnie boy! I market and sell them on my Zazzle page. I give 100% of my proceeds toContinue reading “Time to promote my Zazzle page again!!!”