Mackerilla Patterns now available for sale on Craftsy!!!

I just added in all my sewing pattern PDF files to the site! They have a fantastic site! So many great ideas to make! I am sooooo inspired!!! Check them out and also check out my sewing patterns too!!!

New online retailer

Mackerilla Design Sewing Patterns PDF’s have been picked up by !!! Should be up and running soon on their site!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am back in action sewing! It’s been a long weary year. We had a close friend who recently passed away from fighting a rare genetic cancer. I put my business on theContinue reading “New online retailer”

Being able to see what you are crafting up!

OK so yes I wear reading glasses for most of my crafting projects! I even have the Ott floor lamp with the attached magnifying glass! It’s pretty sweet I have to say! So I just found this site called Craft Optics. OK these are great for more than just crafts! Get close up to teenyContinue reading “Being able to see what you are crafting up!”

DIY Peeps! Make a Mackerilla Cruzer bag! A fun summer project to do! My easy to follow instructional sewing pattern is available on my ETSY page! This fabric is also available on my Spoonflower page along with some of my other designs! I used the Cotton Linen Canvas fabric. Another that is a heavy weightContinue reading

Free Sewing Pattern!

I just posted a free sewing pattern to make a Belly Band for your male dog that likes to sprinkle in your home!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have it under my free stuff section on my page!!! Please post on my Facebook page your belly bands if you make one But you can check it out hereContinue reading “Free Sewing Pattern!”

Now Available!!!

Now Available on my Spoonflower page!! I have my Young Elephants fabric in Green and Pink too! I have had it for available in Blue for sometime now. These are great to make Diaper bags, my Cruzer’s Backpack Designs in and Tote bags in the Linen Canvas fabric. Or for baby clothing they have someContinue reading “Now Available!!!”

Make a Tink Tote!

This is my Indie Shopper tote bag in the fabric I designed of my dog Detective Tinkerton! One yard of either heavy weight cotton canvas or the linen canvas of this Spoonflower fabricย  is all you need for the exterior material. Then just 3/4 yard of what ever you would like for the inside. IContinue reading “Make a Tink Tote!”

Nice and easy summer top to make!

I thought I would share this link to a blogger that has this cute summer top to make out of a new or old men’s T shirt! I think I might try and make one!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Check it out!!