What to do with scraps.

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20120710-123047.jpgThis is what you do with scrap crafty supplies. Make a deranged bunny! I made the body with a wool blend fabric. Ears and tummy out of a fat quarter. Felt for face and yarn to trim it all out! Making a cigar to put in his mouth now!

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Sunday fun Day! Make a stuffed animal!

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There are allot of free patterns out there for making stuffed animals. I found this website that has a bunch of free ones to choose from.

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I need a good source for some good quality solid fleece for my Gimpy pet toys!!!
Everywhere I check there’s allot of the printed fleece available!
If you know of a good source for stuff that would be complementary to the stuff they make Ugly Dolls out of!!!!

I had allot of faux fur and made a few big samples! Super cute!!!!