New Fabric Available soon!

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toy phone green background











Remember this vintage toy? I have seen that they are back with all the other vintage toys.

I always loved how the eyes would walk with you when you pulled this toy along. This fabric will be available soon on my SPOONFLOWER page! Check out my other fabrics!

Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops

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Fairytale Frocks and lollipops is an online retailer of sewing patterns, fabrics, books and notions.

They are now carrying my Mackerilla Brand Sewing Patterns!! My stuff will be up shortly on their site!!!

Please check out their site. Lots of cute things to choose from!!!



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Screen printing can be fun and also can drive you nuts! I am learning about mixing up my white with colors to give it the right consistency to stick to fabric!!!
SO far so good!!!!
Go to my ETSY T Shirt page to see what I have for sale!

Monday Blues……………..

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Wow today is one of those Mondays where I just can’t seem to get motivated to be creative. Been just computing and posting today. After a weekend of rain and working around the house, I need to get my artistic drive back! It will come back! I am sure of it!!

I have one more custom project to start up and then back to playing around with some mixing up fabrics to make some super cool one of a kind bags. Plus got to get on those sewing patterns! Need to keep plugging away on those. September is going to show up fast when the sewing expo’s are coming up!