Loving and caring for disabled pets!

I have 3 disabled pets out of our 6. Well 5 and one foster dog! 2 cats and 4 dogs. I started a site called Gimpy Pets over a year ago to promote the positive light in caring for disabled pets. Too many animals are overlooked due to either physical or emotional conditions. Time andContinue reading “Loving and caring for disabled pets!”

Pet Toys

Ahhhh look out the doggie is gonna eat me!!!!!!! This is the first of many Screecher dog and cats toys I will be making for my Gimpy Pets shop! I am upcycling old denim into these since denim is a wee bit stronger than just using some fleece or cotton fabrics.They will have squeekers insideContinue reading “Pet Toys”

New Sewing Pattern!

THE CRAFTY PACK! I just whipped up the “Crafty Pack” sewing pattern. I will be finishing up the pattern soon. Need the cover image and to proof it and then I will post it to my ETSY page. This pattern just like my others is available in PDF format for $8. You can buy thisContinue reading “New Sewing Pattern!”

Appliqué day

Gearing up for my upcoming Bay Area Pet expo event where I am a vendor in. I silkscreened my artwork and text I designed for promoting adoption of rescue pets. Then I appliquéd them onto some alternative apparel sweatshirts I ordered. I will be selling these for $34 at the show and will post themContinue reading “Appliqué day”


Working on ideas for the upcoming Bay Area Pet Expo on February 4th at the Santa Clara County fair grounds from 11 am to 6 pm! I will be a vendor there with my Gimpy pet’s products. I will also have some pet recovery collars, pet poopie pouches and will be making some pet toyContinue reading “Stuff”

My other ETSY page……………..

Many of you know that I have another ETSY page for my screen printed T-shirts. I have updated this ETSY page to be for pet business Gimpy Pets. I have added in my dog leash designs to sell. I have placed a big order for more leashes, harnesses and collars. 10% of all my GimpyContinue reading “My other ETSY page……………..”

Started another blog site

I started another blog site called Gimpypets.com I have two handicapped pets and have had special needs pets in the past that have gone over to the otherside on the Rainbow Bridge. I want to design and make products to aid pets with special needs as well as to educate people that handicapped pets shouldContinue reading “Started another blog site”