Kitty got to get her meds!!

I posted about Chase no Face kitty many moons ago! She is one special little feline! If you have not heard of her she is a Facebook celeb! She was hit by a car when she was a wee little kitten and was badly injured but thankfully saved by a good Samaritan.  She needs medsContinue reading “Kitty got to get her meds!!”

Graphic Art for sale

So I am going to be selling my graphic’s on my ETSY page for people who like to buy designs for silk screening onto  clothing, bags, books, towels, aprons, etc……………………… I added in a few of my pet rescue ones so far. I have a list of things to draw up requested by my friendContinue reading “Graphic Art for sale”

Crafty Pack is now AVAILABLE!

Come get it!! A cheeky take on the ol’ fanny pack! Great for anyone that is a vendor at craft fairs. You can carry everything you need for your sales. Especially your money pouch! Also a great design for anyone who is in the service industry like a waiter or waitress, or wedding coordinator andContinue reading “Crafty Pack is now AVAILABLE!”


This is my sisters cat Rozwell. She looks like an alien hence the name! She is the cartoon image on this fabric. My sister Janet Allinger’s graphic of her. I used it to make a fabric (with her permission of course!). This color Rozzelberry and a lime fabric are the two to choose from onContinue reading “Rozwell……………….”

what’s NEW?

SO I started back on some IPAD cases. I had made very few in the past when I first got my IPAD. Now will be cutting some out to sell. Have one so far posted on my ETSY page for sale for $28.               Have also been having funContinue reading “what’s NEW?”

Immortalizing my elderly dog!

So everyone loves the Tink. That is Detective Tinkerton to all who don’t know him. He is our senior papillon we adopted about 4 months ago. Was abandoned to die and we took him in to give him the love and pampering he deserves at the end of his life. I have immortalized him onContinue reading “Immortalizing my elderly dog!”