Silk screen designs

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20120912-131111.jpghere is the first of my series “fictitious business ” graphic designs! Fun, silly and an attention getter!

If you want a T shirt with my designs, they will be available on my ETSY page as well as by contacting me directly!


Time to promote my Zazzle page again!!!

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I have been designing up some animal rescue shirts as well as some cute dog graphics that I created of my sweet pets. Need to get one of my Tripod Kitty and the head shot of my Finnie boy! I market and sell them on my Zazzle page. I give 100% of my proceeds to local animal shelters. Lots of sweet little animals in need and looking for homes! Help out if you can by adopting or fostering an animal!!!

I added recently my T-Shirt design. I will create some different ones but started with this to promote my site!!!!

Check them out!!! 🙂