Ahhhhhh Friday!!!

And such a nice Friday it tis!! The California weather is finally here! What a weird Winter and Spring we have had! Working on Cushion covers for an old camper for a friend. Then back to my sewing patterns and other projects. I do want to start some fun unique handbags soon. I have aContinue reading “Ahhhhhh Friday!!!”

It’s never fun to lose a pet………

With a heavy heart I have to post that my old Dog Detective Tinkerton passed away today. His short time with us was a joy as well as challenging at times. He had a funny chicken like bark and wobbled when he walked. He followed me all over the house when he could. Or wouldContinue reading “It’s never fun to lose a pet………”

Rescue a Senior Pet!

I adopted a senior pet from a woman in San Francisco who has an organization called Muttville. (www.muttville.org) Sherri Franklin rescues, find fosters and adopts out these older dogs that would otherwise be put down due to being old. Some dogs are healthy and some have lots of problems like the one I adopted. IContinue reading “Rescue a Senior Pet!”